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Modern day crime prevention relies on CCTV systems Cornwall. The police often use CCTV evidence to convict criminals based on captured footage. Recording incidents digitally for future use, they also provide a visual deterrent. You can now monitor your CCTV remotely from anywhere in the world, via the Internet.

Trelawney provides the latest CCTV systems and a wide range of CCTV cameras for various applications. We supply cameras, lenses and digital recorders to fit your every requirement. As an SSAIB accredited company, all our CCTV systems have to comply with the industry standards. They can be designed to provide 24/7 coverage in our monitoring and alarm receiving centre.

All our CCTV systems are self-contained to monitor and record the activity on your site. You can also choose exactly how and where the material is viewed. That could be via the Internet on your PC or on your smart phone or mobile when you’re on the move.

Whether you’re looking for a simple system with just one CCTV camera or a remotely monitored, fully functional dome camera system, we can accommodate your CCTV requirements.


There are now 3 distinct ranges of CCTV equipment


While it is true to say IP CCTV & HD CCTV images can be far superior to Analogue CCTV, it is not necessary for all applications. Our full risk assessment and site survey will help to decide which system best meets your application and budget.

As your local CCTV specialists in the design, installation, maintenance, servicing and support of CCTV systems, we offer quality CCTV equipment at value for money prices. Our systems can be designed for:

  • General surveillance– this tends to cover larger wide angle areas, while using fewer cameras.
  • Facial Recognition Systems/Identification – provides detailed enough images to make clothing, people and activities identifiable. These systems have the images cropped to ensure the person fills the correct screen height.
  • ANPR – designed to pick up number plates.

While a general surveillance system could pick out all of the above, it cannot be guaranteed. That’s where our design and discussions matter. Poor quality CCTV cameras will provide grainy, low-resolution images which could be useless to both yourself and the police.

All our equipment is sourced from leading suppliers and manufactures such as:

SSAIB Registered CHAS Fine Detection & Alarm System - UKAS Production Certificate CCTV System Access Control System Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services FSB Experts in Business BAFE-SP203 SALTO

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