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Trelawney Fire & Security Fire Alarm System

Legal Requirement

One of the most important systems to install is a Fire Alarm System. This will protect your staff, your stock, your building and your computers. In fact, it protects your entire business investment. Could you operate if your premises caught fire overnight? Most businesses fail following a major fire incident, so it is important that you take your alarm system seriously.

Fire authorities no longer issue fire certificates and those previously in force no longer have any legal status.

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order replaces most fire safety legislations. This means that any person who has some level of control in in any premise must take steps to reduce the risk of fire. They should also consider how to contain a fire should one break out and ensure the safe escape of anyone inside the building.

The Order applies to virtually all premises and covers nearly every type of building, structure and open space. It does NOT apply to private homes, including individual flats in a block or house.

The Responsible Person must keep records on fire risk assessments, the current fire safety policy, procedures, training and drills. The routine maintenance of all fire alarm systems and emergency lighting and extinguishers must also be recorded.

If you are the Responsible Person and you do not comply you could face two years in prison and a heavy fine, not to mention the moral burden of not appearing to care about your staff, customers and other visitors. Our Facebook carries the latest evidence of these penalties.

More information can be gained from the Communities and Local Government’s (CLG) website.

Fire Detection and Alarm Systems are designed to detect the unwanted presence of fire by monitoring environmental changes associated with combustion. Trelawney Fire & Security offers a wide range of fire alarm systems, all of which are ultimately designed for one express purpose – to protect life and property.

Trelawney Fire and Security has over 25 years’ experience in designing, installing and maintaining all types of fire alarm systems. Our fire detection and alarm systems offer the reliable and early detection of all fire types and afford superb false alarm management. They protect life and property, assisting businesses by detecting fire at the earliest stage, allowing more time to evacuate, respond and extinguish before the fire becomes life, building or business critical.

The Regulatory Reform Act is the responsibility of the business owner, landlord and/or property user to ensure that the Fire Risk Assessment is carried out and the findings adhered to onsite.

Never take shortcuts with your fire precautions. Call us and we will come and discuss your exact requirements. All newly installed systems are provided with a design, installation and commissioning certificate to ensure total peace of mind. This will also prove you have met with the Regulatory Reform Act requirements.

Contact us to arrange a free survey. We can maintain your existing system if you are not satisfied with your current security provider and we would be happy to provide a competitive maintenance cost.




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