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As the literary setting for films and television programmes a plenty, Falmouth is a must for those with a diverse cultural agenda. In line with its literary connections, art galleries and theatres are peppered across the picturesque setting – proof indeed of the artistic culture of the town. More than its rich culture, Falmouth is a very popular destination playing host to celebrities, residents and tourists.  

Trelawney Fire & Security in Falmouth

Home to the rich and famous and thriving with large ports and holiday resorts, Falmouth enjoys strong ties with the world of entertainment and the growing economy. As a popular holiday destination, tourists and residents should always feel safe and protected in this bustling community.

Fire Alarm Systems

Trelawney’s fire alarm systems should be further endorsed with extinguishing systems to protect people, properties and heirlooms alike.

Access Control

Restricted areas should be monitored with Trelawney’s access control systems that can be implemented to regulate strict access. Access control systems, such as barrier gates and standalones, can manage authorised personnel to freely enter into your establishments.

Intruder Alarms & CCTV Systems

In an affluent town – priceless art collections, invaluable antiques, valuables owned by tourists, gadgets/devices within a home, etc. - intruder alarms are an efficient means to notify the police of break-ins and suspicious behaviour. CCTV systems will provide round the clock surveillance, while providing real-time evidence in case of any event. They also make the perfect deterrent!

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