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Fire Extinguisher Supply and Servicing

Regulations and Servicing of your Extinguishers

By law, employers must provide their staff with adequate means of tackling a fire in the workplace. There is also a legal obligation for a competent person to annually service the fire extinguishers to standard BS 5306 part 3. In addition, all fire extinguishers must be maintained in working order and in good repair in between the services. This means that workplaces must also ensure that they carry out their own checks, at least monthly.

88% of fires put out using a fire extinguisher

Did you know that 88 per cent of fires are put out using a fire extinguisher? It makes them an extremely effective way of tackling fires in both the workplace and domestic environments.

One stop shop

Trelawney Fire and Security provide the complete one stop shop for your fire and security needs, if we are carrying out an annual service on your Intruder, Fire Alarm or CCTV System, we reduce the attendance fee by 50% for the Extinguisher Visit. We are also different to most other Fire Extinguisher services companies, as we charge a flat rate per unit, which includes all standard service parts, such as tamper tags, o rings, labels etc. Most other companies charge an inspection fee per unit and then £0.50p for a o ring , £1.50 for a tamper tag and so on. This is due to the engineers being commission based and they are incentivised to charge for everything possible.

Trelawney Fire & Security supply and install Fire Extinguishers for Classification-

  • A Wood, paper and textiles
  • B Flammable liquids
  • C Flammable gases
  • D Metal
  • F Cooking oil and fat fires

Electrical fires do not have a separate classification as they come under all of the above. A CO2 extinguisher is recommended for tackling such a fire, although water extinguishers can be used, but only if a power supply has been isolated.

Annual Service

During a basic annual service, the fire extinguisher engineer carries out various procedures on the fire extinguishers depending on their make and type. Generally, the service includes: Checking all fire extinguisher parts such as: valves, safety devices, gauges, and operating mechanisms. Checking that the pressure and weight is within the stated range. Issuing a Certificate of Inspection - a legal record of the maintenance carried out on the fire extinguishers to be kept by the customer and maintaining company.

Monthly Visual Inspection

Check for any sign of tampering. This may be missing or broken tamper tags or pins. Look for any signs of discharge. This may be water, powder or foam traces on the hose or horn of the extinguisher. Gauges showing low or high pressure (usually indicated by red). Any damage to fire extinguishers, rust, dents, missing parts etc. Workplaces with a high risk of damage to their fire extinguishers such as those kept on haulage vehicles should be particularly vigilant. Any damaged extinguishers must be replaced immediately or repaired by a servicing company.

Extended Service / overhaul

Extended service generally involves carrying out a test discharge on the fire extinguisher, checking internal and external parts, then recharging the fire extinguisher ready for use, if deemed safe by the engineer. BS 5306 - 3, states that water fire extinguishers, foam fire extinguishers, powder fire extinguishers and wet chemical fire extinguishers require to be extended serviced every 5 years. Co2 fire extinguishers must have an overhaul & pressure test every 10 years. Like most companies we carry out a refurbishment service for co2 and powder fire extinguishers due to be discharged. This entails exchanging your old extinguisher for a new or refurbished extinguisher.

Fire Extinguisher Wall Signs

Each fire extinguisher must be accompanied by appropriate fire extinguisher ID sign. These signs indicate the type of extinguisher and give instructions about the use of the specific extinguishers.



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