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Extinguishing System


Offering the full extinguishing package from design, installation and commissioning, we also specialise in maintenance and integrity testing.

Providing fire suppression and detection services to protect your high value assets and critical processes, we supply fully integrated fire suppression and detection systems, ensuring no stone is left un-turned. From initial discussions and budgets, through to completion and demonstration, we can handle it all for you.

Application of a Fire Suppression System

Initially, one detector will be triggered in zone one (first stage). If a second detector (second stage) is triggered, then a countdown timer is started. Once this time has elapsed the gas will be released.

During the first stage a sounder will be triggered and then in the second stage a different tone sounder will be activated. After the countdown timer has elapsed a bell and flashing strobe will trigger when the gas is released.

Once a fire has been detected, we use one of the many suppression agents such as Inert Gas (IG55), Clean Chemical Agents (FE-227, FM200 or Novec 1230), CO2, Wet Chemical Agents (Kitchen Knight II and Kitchen Mister) or Dry Powder to suppress the fire by removing one of the three elements of the fire triangle.

  • The systems can be applied to a variety of different areas including server rooms, switch rooms, battery rooms and transformer rooms.

Room Integrity Testing

The fire suppression installer will carry out a room integrity test to prove the fire suppression capability of the room.

The test procedure compares positive and negative pressurisation against flow. This calculates the accumulative aperture (this is a sum of all openings in the protected enclosure).

Maintenance & Support

We offer full 24/7 maintenance and support packages for all extinguishing and fire systems. Please contact us for further information.

Following a site survey, we will be able to provide a full specification and maintenance costing for all electrical & mechanical equipment on your extinguishing system. This could include full room integrity testing.

Equipment & Solutions

We work with the UK’s leading manufactures to provide a value for money, bespoke system that suits your requirements.



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