Situated in what was once the richest tin mining area in the world, Camborne may not be as prosperous as it once was but the rich culture remains as you follow through the town and witness the architectural history.

Continuing to grow and improve, the town sits together with other 'satellite' villages that are on the verge of redevelopment.

Trelawney Fire & Security in Camborne

Hailed as the largest urban build-up in Cornwall, Camborne’s ever growing population calls for heightened security in homes and businesses.

For the best and most effective line of protection, Trelawney offers a range of security and fire alarm systems that can cover almost every type of building, structure and open space.

Fire Alarms & Intruder Alarms

As a preventive measure, fire and intruder alarm systems are the most effective course of action to protect the thriving community.

From analogue addressable systems to refuge systems, Trelawney has a range of fire alarms that are perfect for your needs. We also guarantee the following services with every purchase:

  • Early warning detection
  • Easy placement options
  • Quick call for assistance
  • Inexpensive prices

For unpredictable crimes such as burglaries, we also have intruder alarm systems that will suit your property, whether residential or commercial.   

CCTV & Access Control Systems

Embracing modern technology, Trelawney also offers CCTV and access control systems for even better monitoring and protection. We provide the latest CCTV that can be remotely monitored with the use of your desktop, laptop or mobile phone.

To view the full range of our products and services please browse the website.

We value your safety and endeavour to contribute to your peace of mind. Obtain the best security devices in Camborne by simply giving us a call on 0800 999 2443.

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