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Fawlty Towers

By Trelawney |

Fawlty Towers is probably the most well-known and best-loved BBC sitcom of all time. More than 40 years after its first screening, it remains the benchmark by which all other comedy shows are judged. The humour is completely timeless and is just as hilarious today. The British Film Institute voted it number one in the […]

The Highest Heists!

By Trelawney |

Over the years, many criminals have tried their luck at pulling off the ultimate heist, hitting the headlines for their audacity, even if they were unsuccessful in their bid to steal highly valuable items. Everyone must have seen the legendary movie, The Italian Job, in which a gang of criminals assemble in an effort to […]

The Fire Hazards of a Victorian Home

By Trelawney |

Society rapidly advanced during the Victorian era, as industrialisation kicked in and people became wealthier. Although a number of new inventions took place during this time, making life easier and more comfortable, Victorian homes were still full of hazards. In particular, fire was especially rife due to a number of factors. © ysbrandcosijn / Adobe […]

Tom Jones: Burning Down the House

By Trelawney |

The legendary Welsh singer Tom Jones has enjoyed almost six decades in the music industry – and despite being 78, he’s still at the top of his game. The former factory and construction worker from Pontypridd is a familiar face on our television screens as a judge on the ITV talent show, The Voice. He’s […]

Insurance Policies: What to look out for

By Trelawney |

Taking out home or office insurance is a pretty big step, as you’re aiming to protect your property and possessions from various mishaps, including natural disasters, such as fires and floods, or criminal activity, such as burglaries. It’s not easy taking out a policy, as there are many clauses – a lot more than people […]

While the Cat’s Away!

By Trelawney |

Preparing for a holiday is a busy time. While you might be focusing on what to pack and planning what to do while you’re away, it’s also a good idea to give some consideration to ensuring your property is safe and secure during your absence. 80% of burglaries take place when people are not at […]

Five Top Tips when Buying a Burglar Alarm

By Trelawney |

Buying a burglar alarm is one of the most important tasks you will undertake in terms of stepping up your home security. Research carried out by criminologists has revealed that burglars are definitely deterred by the presence of an alarm. Aside from this, the police and your home insurer will advise you to have an […]

Rockwell: Somebody’s Watching Me!

By Trelawney |

Thanks to its odd lyrics, the massive 1984 chart hit, Somebody’s Watching Me, by American singer Rockwell, has been called a “paranoid pop classic”. The narrator thinks people on the television can see him and he also imagines he’s in the Twilight Zone! Rockwell was only 19 years old when he was catapulted to stardom […]

Adele: Set Fire to the Rain

By Trelawney |

British singer and songwriter Adele is a top international artist who has won a host of awards, including an amazing 15 Grammy Awards. At the age of just 30, she has swept the board, also winning Brit Awards, Golden Globes and American Music Awards. Born Adele Laurie Blue Adkins on 5th May 1988, the Tottenham-born […]

Johnny Cash: Ring of Fire

By Trelawney |

American singer Johnny Cash is one of the best-selling artists of all time, with 90 million records being bought by fans all over the world during his 49-year career. He won Grammy Awards and multiple country music awards over almost five decades and achieved worldwide legendary status. His iconic success led to the country star […]

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