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High Definition (HD) SDI CCTV

HD stands for High Definition and SDI stands for Serial Digital Interface – a family of standardised, broadcast quality digital interfaces using BNC connectors. The definition and picture quality of HD-SDI footage is noticeably higher than a standard analogue signal. It has been designed with the sole purpose of providing megapixel, high definition footage over standard coax cable and is perfectly suited to CCTV Cornwall, where the majority of existing systems use coax.

HD CCTV is a point-to-point system that uses coax cable rather than Cat 5e or -6. The cameras can be plugged into any compatible receiving HD-SDI DVR and will display and record video without latency or configuration.

"Using your existing CCTV structure, you can upgrade to HDCVI CCTV"

This system is ideal for full upgrades or if you simply require high quality pictures in certain areas. We can replace your existing DVR with a hybrid system that allows a mix of HDCVI channels and standard channels. This is a very cost effective way to upgrade.

HD CCTV cameras that use the advanced HD-SDI transfer format to send full HD, megapixel resolution digital video over the same coax that once carried only standard definition video.

The transition from SD/D1 to Full HD is as easy as attaching new HD-CCTV cameras to the existing coax and power and upgrading the DVR to the HD DVR.

What are the advantages of HD CCTV cameras over MP IP cameras?

  • HD CCTV cameras deliver the highest-quality HD live views
  • HD CCTV cameras and DVRs are as easy as regular CCTV cameras and DVRs to use/set up
  • HD CCTV cameras and DVRs can usually re-use legacy cabling

Existing CCTV Systems

If you have an existing CCTV system and you require higher quality images in all or some areas, please contact us. We will review your existing system and advise you on the best solution for your needs and budget. We can also provide full onsite demonstrations.


All our new systems come with 24/7 support and we offer full maintenance contracts to ensure your investment provides continued value for money.



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