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Home Alone

Ask anyone to name a film, where foiling burglars is one of the key themes, and we guarantee that a significant number will say, "Home Alone". A perennial family favourite, especially at Christmas time, it's hard to believe that it was released back in 1990 - but it remains just as popular today.

In the film, it's Macaulay Culkin as Kevin McCallister who's "home alone", when his large family flies to Paris for a Christmas holiday, and in the chaos of his numerous siblings and cousins getting ready to leave, he's left behind.

For a kid who's not used to peace and quiet and who's used to being outshone by other family members, it's Kevin's idea of bliss and the festive period starts with him enjoying the kind of freedom he's never had before. Things soon change though, when he discovers that notorious burglar duo the Wet Bandits - who have been breaking into other empty houses in the McCallisters' neighbourhood - have their sights set on Kevin's family home as their next target.

Not only that, the McCallisters' next door neighbour, "Old Man" Marley, is rumoured to have murdered his family with a snow shovel and so is equally as terrifying to Kevin...at least, until they both go to church on Christmas Eve! The pair get talking and Kevin soon realises just how friendly, charming and family-oriented the old man really is.

Should Kevin go to the police or could he turn to the neighbours for help? No - even after the Wet Bandits (Harry and Marv) realise that he's a small child home alone, Kevin decides to use his own initiative, rigging up a whole host of booby traps. Throughout the film we see Harry and Marv slipping, tripping and sliding, being knocked out, covered in all sorts of substances and even set on fire in Kevin's hilarious and ingenious attempts to keep his home safe.

Things come to a head when the pair finally catch up with Kevin and have him in their clutches - his call to the police was seemingly too late. Help arrives, though, just in the nick of time and the pair get their just desserts.

On Christmas Day, which should be a happy time, Kevin realises that despite the problems that having a big family causes, he does actually miss them all - Christmas just isn't Christmas when you're a child who's home all by himself. Will his family - who have realised that he's missing and have been trying to get back home from Paris - make it back in time so that he doesn't have to spend Christmas Day, home alone...?

Trelawney Fire & Security Installment

Of course, with a decent burglar alarm system in place - especially one with a 24-hour police response capability - the McCallisters could have saved themselves and their son Kevin a whole host of trouble...but the film wouldn’t have been half as funny!

If you'd rather opt for an alarm system over the elaborate traps used to deter the Wet Bandits, find out more about our domestic alarm systems at Trelawney Fire & Security. With homes without burglar alarms being six or seven times more likely to be targeted, it pays to be safe.

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