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4 Reasons Why IP CCTV Systems are Ideal for Businesses


Perhaps one of the best investments for your business, CCTV systems provide enhanced security. A cost-efficient way to protect your property, CCTV systems are a modern-day innovation that allows you to watch over your assets, even at night - or when you are away from your business.

While there are different options available, IP CCTVs are particularly suitable for business establishments – for greater reliability and a superior accountability rate compared with other CCTV cameras.

Better Quality Image

Outdated CCTV cameras usually have very limited overall video resolution, which makes it harder to identify the necessary details from the recorded or live video. Unlike IP CCTV cameras with higher resolution, there is no interlacing in the feed which allows easier readability of the finest details – from identifying vehicle number plates to recognising someone’s facial features.

Cheaper and Easier to Install

Compared to installing an expensive multi camera system years ago, IP CCTV systems are now surprisingly convenient to apply – with even more updated and improved functions. By simply entering through your computer network, your system will monitor all the concentrated areas using only one device.

Greater Scalability for your Business

An IP camera system is also adaptable to modification, so you can expand its capabilities to cater to your needs; no need for additional installations and further investment on a new product. For growing businesses that are in need of multiple cameras to watch over their site, IP systems guarantee full coverage, even over extensive areas.

Additional Features

More than recording incidents and occurrences on your premises, IP CCTVs are also equipped with extra useful features that other CCTV alternatives do not provide:

  • Infrared light sources – allow you to see the footage clearly, even in dark areas or during the night
  • Motion activation – it automatically pans and tilts as it senses a subject
  • Facial recognition – it can count individuals on screen, determine their age and gender and even perform face matching

With these helpful features, IP CCTVs provide an extra line of safety for your business’ security, often convincing intruders to think twice!

To keep your business safe from crime, Trelawney Fire & Security provides top quality CCTV systems for businesses in Cornwall and throughout the UK. We also offer a range of intruder alarm systems and electronic access control equipment, that when combined with your CCTV systems offer the complete security package… that never fails! Phone Trelawney today on 0800 999 2443 and talk to one of our experts. We will help you take your first step to a safer business.



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