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Burglar & Intruder Alarms

A worthwhile investment for the protection of your business, home and family, studies reveal that you will be far less likely to experience a burglary at home if you have a correctly fitted and well maintained burglar alarm. As a courtesy, our experienced team will carry out a comprehensive security risk assessment and provide a full specification. We are audited by the SSAIB for quality and assurance. Know here on why you should choose an SSAIB-accredited firm.

Which Burglar / Intruder Alarm is right for You?

The primary purpose of burglar alarms is to provide a deterrent to potential criminals. However, the most suitable burglar alarm for your domestic or commercial property will depend on what you need it to do in the event it is called into action. You would expect the early detection of an intruder as standard but Trelawney Fire & Security has a range of alarms that can identify un-authorised access in different ways.

The variety of alarms and their fitting is a complex subject. As a starting point, the installation should meet with British Standard 4737/BS EN 50131. Though slightly more expensive than many DIY packages on the market, they are more reliable and conform to the Association of Chief Police Officers Intruder Alarm Policy. If you are thinking about the installation of an alarm system in your business or home, it is worth taking into account that the police response to alarm activations will vary according to the type of alarm installed.

Type A - Grade 2 & 3

Remote Signalling Alarms, including intruder alarms terminating at approved central monitoring stations, they must be maintained and used in accordance with British Standard 4737/BS EN 50131. These alarms will be registered with the police and identified by a unique reference number (URN). They can also include personal attack alarms.

Type B - Grade 1,2 & 3

Audible Only and Hybrid Alarms, including bells-only and automatic dialling alarms to your mobile, key holder or email, these systems are for lower risk applications although they still provide a good level of security and a number of signalling options.

Maintenance and Monitoring

We offer a number of maintenance & Support packages to suit your needs and budget. If you are unhappy with your existing provider, or if you would simply like a comparison quote, please feel free to contact us.

Happy to provide a free onsite survey, we will provide detailed specifications and a quotation. We will be able to inform you of the existing equipment and the options that are available to you.

Please note some manufactures/companies lock down their control panels with specially created software. This leads to service provider restrictions.

SSAIB Registered CHAS Fine Detection & Alarm System - UKAS Production Certificate CCTV System Access Control System Credit and Debit Card Acceptance for small business with Paya Card Processing Services FSB Experts in Business BAFE-SP203 SALTO

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