Analogue CCTV

We strive to provide each customer with a bespoke CCTV system that tick's all the boxes. With over 25 years’ experience in the security systems industry, we can assure a professional approach and second-to-none customer service. We have been accredited by the SSAIB, so you will be in safe hands!

Trelawney Fire & Security can deliver a free on-site consultation and quotation to meet your needs and budget. This will ensure that you get the most bespoke and appropriate CCTV system to suit your requirements. All of our CCTV systems meet with the current UK and European laws.

Analogue CCTV

Traditional Analogue CCTV systems involve a number of cameras that are locally monitored through stand-alone communications networks. Analogue recordings are kept on digital video recorders, which usually come with a fixed size hard drive. Advanced digital technology brings greater flexibility, enabling live or recorded images to be transmitted over existing communications infrastructures. This means that pictures from a number of sources can be monitored locally or at a remote location. It also allows images to be retrieved with ease and particular incidents and solutions can be readily expanded upon. While this technology has been around for 50+ years it has now reached its limits. We will talk you through the risks and the CCTV system requirements and budgets before we make our recommendations but in many circumstances these systems are still very flexible and can be very good value for money.

Types of equipment Day/Night

During daylight hours the camera provides colour images. When it goes dark this will automatically switch to monochrome operation.

Pan, Tilt and Zoom (PTZ)

PTZ cameras can be remotely controlled by an operator to follow a particular suspect or to zoom into a specific area. They can also be programmed to be operated by alarm sensors; for example when a door is opened the camera automatically pans, tilts and zooms onto the door to capture the event.

Digital Video Recording (DVR)

DVR’s allow CCTV Cornwall video images to be recorded, archived and reviewed .The main parameters of a DVR are the number of cameras or video channels that can be recorded onto it and the amount of storage space on the DVR’s hard disk drive.

The number of images and frames (frame rate) being recorded from each camera will dictate the amount of video data that can be stored before the HDD is full.

Existing CCTV System

Do you have an existing CCTV system that requires attention or are you after a better service? We can provide full support and maintenance packages for all types of existing systems. Our team will provide free advice, helping you to get the best out of your system while staying within the regulations dictated by the law.

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