Crimewatch UK

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The long-running BBC television programme Crimewatch – formerly known as Crimewatch UK – reconstructs major unsolved crimes in the hope of jogging someone’s memory and gaining vital information to assist in solving cases. The show was first broadcast in June 1984 on a monthly basis and was based on a German TV programme with the […]

The Bourne Identity

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The film adaptation of Robert Ludlum’s novel released in 2002, The Bourne Identity is an espionage thriller starring Matt Damon as Jason Bourne, who is recovered unconscious from the Mediterranean by Italian fishermen. He is found to be suffering from gunshot wounds and memory loss, yet can speak several languages and knows advanced combat skills. […]


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English novelist George Orwell’s book, 1984, is a world-famous political novel warning people about the dangers of a totalitarian government. It is still as relevant as the day it was first published in 1949. In fact, within a week of the Trump administration coming to power in the United States, 1984 had shot to number […]

4 Reasons Why IP CCTV Systems are Ideal for Businesses

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  Perhaps one of the best investments for your business, CCTV systems provide enhanced security. A cost-efficient way to protect your property, CCTV systems are a modern-day innovation that allows you to watch over your assets, even at night – or when you are away from your business. While there are different options available, IP […]

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