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English novelist George Orwell's book, 1984, is a world-famous political novel warning people about the dangers of a totalitarian government. It is still as relevant as the day it was first published in 1949. In fact, within a week of the Trump administration coming to power in the United States, 1984 had shot to number one on the Amazon best-seller list.

Some critics suggest Orwell’s cautionary satirical tale - describing a society in which the "Ministry of Truth" promotes "newspeak and doublethink" and "whatever the Party holds to be truth is truth" - has become even more relevant in today's society.

Listed as one of Modern Library’s 100 Best Novels, 1984 has also been made into a stage show, which was imported from London to Los Angeles in 2016.



Starring John Hurt and Richard Burton, a film of the novel was also made in 1984. Hurt stars in the lead role of Winston Smith, who lives in a state where the government monitors and controls every aspect of life.

A soundtrack by the Eurythmics, released on their album, For the Love of Big Brother, was controversial in its own right. Despite their successful single, Sexcrime (Nineteen Eighty-Four), director Michael Radford admitted he had commissioned a different score, later claiming the Eurythmics had been "foisted" on him by studio bosses at Virgin Films.



The timidly rebellious Smith starts to challenge the Party’s power but realises its ability to control the population is beyond even his most paranoid conceptions. A major part of the plot reveals that The Party - led by a figure known only as Big Brother - watches its subjects constantly, even in their own homes, through telescreens. This has led to the phrase, "Big Brother is watching you" - a term widely used today, mainly to describe the use of CCTV and surveillance cameras.

Of course, the crucial difference between "1984" and today is the concept of Big Brother. Instead of the corrupt world of Orwell's book, we now live in a culture where people pay for their own surveillance, choosing to buy telescreens to record and gather information for safety and security reasons.



Cameras are installed at specific high-crime sites, such as ATM machines and inside retail stores and other business premises, protecting staff and customers. Surveillance cameras at high-profile places that are potential targets for terrorists also serve to protect us.

To target crime, many city centres have CCTV to ensure public safety, not only by filming incidents live as they happen and sending emergency services to the relevant location but also by saving images of suspects that can be used later to apprehend and prosecute them.

Cameras are implemented to reduce petty crime, both in public places and by individuals at their own home, both inside and outside. Modern CCTV technology records incidents digitally and provides a visual deterrent to would-be criminals. Today's CCTV can be monitored remotely via the Internet, from anywhere in the world.

Trelawney Fire and Security provides a full range of modern CCTV systems and cameras for various applications. For your peace of mind, we supply cameras, lenses and digital recorders to suit all requirements. We are an SSAIB accredited company and our CCTV systems comply with the relevant industry standards - with 24/7 coverage in our monitoring centre if required.

We will design, install, maintain, service and support your CCTV system for general surveillance, detailed facial recognition systems and ANPR to pick up number plates. Please contact us for further information.


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