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Security Fog Systems

Security Fog Systems

A crucial step in crime risk management, fog systems create a thick blanket of fog in under 3 seconds. This safeguards any commercial establishment from theft-related incidents by confusing the attacker and removing the ability to move and see.

Audited by SSAIB to the highest standards, Trelawney Fire & Security provides high quality intruder alarms that are designed to meet specific security requirements - installed by our skilled and professional technicians. From Audible Only, Hybrid Alarms for lower risk applications, Remote Signalling Alarms and the newly available Security Fog System, we ensure quality security services that assure maximum protection.

Fog Bandit Fogging System

With a proven track-record, the Fog Bandit Fogging System is a popular alarm installation option that helps to prevent any theft-related incidents due to its many distinct security features:

  • Complies with the BS EN 50131-8
  • Incredible speed (0.1 second reaction time and 28 cubic metres of fog per second)
  • Total area protection (50 to 500 cubic metre range)
  • Low maintenance costs (with over a 15-year lifespan)
  • Not harmful and leaves no residue

Considered as a strong and credible deterrent, the Fog Bandit intruder alarm comes with a 5-year warranty – designed to assure more effective crime risk management and good quality security for longer.

Existing Fire & Security Systems

If your alarm system was not installed by Trelawney Fire & Security, we can still offer very competitive maintenance and monitoring packages - our engineers are trained in all types of fire and security systems. One of our experienced surveyors will visit your premises to review your security system to ensure it complies with the necessary standards. Following our visit, a full report will be provided.

For more information about our products and services, contact Trelawney Fire & Security on 0800 999 2443.



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