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Access Control


Networked - Access Control

Offering advanced PC based access control solutions that can restrict access to your premises our systems allow you to control hundreds of doors, for up to 50,000 users. Our software allows you to manage this in a logical and intuitive way.

Perhaps even more importantly your investment is future proofed. To accommodate your changing requirements, extra doors can be added to the system. In addition, all new innovations are designed to be backward compatible and software upgrades are free:

  • Central control
  • Flexible access permissions
  • Reporting

Enjoy full control over the system from the comfort of your office. Adding users, barring users and changing users’ access permissions can all done via a PC and instructions will be immediately updated at all doors.

If your company is spread over several buildings, these can all be controlled from one location. Our systems will control many buildings in different locations using TCP/IP across your existing network.

With a quick and easy process, options can be set for individual or departmental access. Areas may be restricted to certain groups/users and shift patterns may be set for departments. Those permissions are allocated instantly whenever a new user card is issued.

Standalone - Access Control

A standalone solution where all of the control electronics are in the keypad or reader, compact systems are an easy to administer and cost-effective means of controlling access to a building. However, as the control electronics are all housed in the reader or keypad, this type of system is not recommended for exterior or high security interior doors. Compact systems are available in a choice of designs.

Access is gained by entering a code or PIN into a keypad or by presenting a valid token to a reader - you will be supplied with a pack of user tokens. Our token packs provide easy management benefits. Compact systems can be fitted to one door or many doors in a building and additional doors may be added as required.

The system is commissioned with the enrolment card, which is included in the token pack. The enrolment card gives the reader a unique identity code. All of the user tokens in the pack are immediately valid. Upon issue, the user will gain access by presenting the token to the door reader, at which point the door will unlock and access will be granted.



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